Thursday, December 06, 2007

Sock update

I managed to squeeeeeeeze another sock out of my leftover cashmerino. It was a real squeeze, the last row of grey has a join in the middle of the row (very naughty) but it was either that or I couldn't have finished it. I just need to hope I have enough stray bits to finish sewing up the top. Photos of the completed set will be up next week.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Debbie Bliss Baby Set

I am in the throes of sewing up the Debbie Bliss baby outfit I have knitted for a friend whose baby is due in February. So far I have completed the trousers and hat above. I have knitted one sock but need to check that I have enough yarn to finish the borders on the jacket before I try and squeeze another sock out of the yarn that is left.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I've just been to the Post Office today to pick up my parcel from Get Knitted. I had ordered some Addi lace Turbo's and some DPN's to start my stole from the lovely Megan who spoiled me in SP11. Looking forward to getting started next week. Watch this space for updates.

Monday, November 05, 2007

SP11 Package

I picked up my package from the PO today. Megan has been spoiling me in this round and she used the wedding rhyme "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" as my theme since I am getting married next year. I even took a photo of all the surprises before unwrapping them as the wrapping was beautiful.

My something blue and old were some gorgeous stitch markers handmade in sterling silver and vintage blue beads with the cutest wedding cake charm. I don't think it has come out very clearly in the pictures but its lovely.

My something borrowed was a family recipe for bowl cake which sounds delicious - I think I'll try it as a pudding for christmas dinner this year.

The something new was gorgeous schaefer silk lace yarn, beads and a pattern to make a stole for my wedding day. The colours are gorgeous and I have placed a swatch of my wedding dress on top and it goes perfectly! I've no idea if Megan knew that I wasn't going for the traditional ivory or white gown as I don't think I blogged about it. I had been thinking of knitting something like this to be able to pass on as an heirloom but hadn't got round to doing anything about it so thanks Megan its given me the inspiration that I needed. The photo shows the peach shade as being very orange (which it isn't in real life) - it all matches perfectly with my dress swatch.

I also received a wedding magazine, some big day bath salts (which made the whole package smell amazing) and a heart shaped soap.

I completely love the whole parcel and want to start the stole straight away.

Thanks again Megan, the parcel was excellent and I feel truly spoiled.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Looking through my knitting bag last night after finishing the insert for my Sorrell jumper, guess what I found?

Yip, a nearly full ball of the Tapestry yarn. Heaven knows why I didn't think of looking there before I bought another ball. Oh well, seems like I will need to do those wristwarmers after all - or maybe I'll do a beret.

New Project

I went to my LYS today to get another ball of Tapestry to finish my Sorrell jumper - I am only going to need a few grams so it was quite infuriating having to buy another ball but I think I will use the remainder to make some wrist warmers.

While there, I also bought 2 Debbie Bliss baby books - I love her patterns and yarns. My friend from college is expecting a baby in February so I thought I would make the crossover top and pants from the Essential Baby Book and also the stripey hat and socks to match. I've gone for a teal and light grey colourway as I don't know whether its a boy or girl. The top will be in the light grey and the pants in the teal.

I had thought about doing another baby blanket but I'm just sick of doing baby blankets at the moment. At least an outfit will be something a bit different.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


We found out over the weekend that my Mum has cancer in both her kidneys. It was quite a shock but one that I had had in the back of my mind for quite some time. We are still waiting on full prognosis at the moment but we decided to cancel the trip to Peru as my parents just need me around at the moment. The care they have recieved so far has been next to useless and so I have been phoning her GP to try and get some care in place - it looks like he has finally decided to do something today as she has got progressively worse in the last couple of days. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he does engage the nurses and home help that he promised on Monday but so far hadn't done anything about.

I've been next to useless at doing any work, knitting, housework etc this week although I have been making some inroads into our wine collection - not the healthiest thing to do but a couple of glasses at night seems to help with sleeping.

I have been working on the collar of my Sorrell jumper and it is taking forever - I've still got 18 rows to go before I finish the collar and then need to do the insert. I am sure that I am going to run out of yarn too. The collar is an uphill struggle just due to the large number of stitches so I am commiting myself to trying to do at least 2 rows per night so at this rate I'll be finished the collar in just over a week's time.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Trip to London

We visited London at the weekend to see James' brother and girlfriend who moved there over a year ago and this was our first trip down to see them. Feeling so tired today as we had a long walk on Saturday from the BA eye down to Tower Bridge and across to St Katherines Dock and then back again. Visited Brick Lane market on Sunday and even managed to walk past the yarn stall without buying anything!

Since we travelled by train, I managed to finally get the heels turned on my socks and am now going to leave the rest of this project on hold so that I can take it to Peru and finish them while we complete the Inca trail.